Error: "APP_NAME wants to use the 'login' keychain" in macOS


You may receive the following message in macOS:

APP_NAME wants to use the "login" keychain.

Please enter the keychain password.

example screenshot

APP_NAME will be the name of any application or service running on your Mac.


This can occur if you sign in to your Mac using your eRaider credentials, and you have changed your password on eRaider since you last signed in to the Mac.


The first time you sign in to your Mac using eRaider, macOS will set your login keychain password to match your eRaider password. However, the keychain password will not update dynamically every time you change your eRaider password. The keychain password must be manually updated to match eRaider.

To update your keychain password to match eRaider, type your previous eRaider password when you are asked for a password by the system, as seen above. Your keychain will then be unlocked, and you can change your keychain password to match your current eRaider password.

NOTE: If you do not remember your previous eRaider password, you will need to reset your default keychains.


You will no longer receive continual prompts for your keychain password.