eRaider, global address list, and TTU Active Directory information not matching Banner data for employee


Your directory information is correct in Banner, but your TTU information in the eRaider Account Management System (eRAMS), global address list (GAL), and Active Directory is not matching.

Also, you currently occupy a staff position but previously occupied a faculty position, and the ePAF has been processed to update your Banner records to reflect the staff position.


When the eRaider Account Management System (eRAMS) receives information about current employees in the daily feed from Banner to eRAMS, it uses that info to populate the various directories. eRAMS retains both faculty and staff directory info in its database. When both faculty and staff information exist for the same person, both sets of info are stored in eRAMS. This occurs even if one set of information does not exist in the current data feed; the old data is still retained in eRAMS.

Because eRAMS is configured to let faculty directory info override staff directory info when both exist, the faculty information will be listed in the directories by default even if it is not current information.


Contact IT Help Central and inform them that you would like your directory listing to reflect your staff position. IT Help Central will document your request and assign a request in your name to eRaider system administrators.


System administrators will update your directory information in eRaider, TTU Active Directory, TechMail, and Unified Communications to reflect your staff information. They will then assign the request back to IT Help Central, and IT Help Central will contact you with the status of your request.

NOTE: This will not affect the Directory.