eRaider password not working after recently changing it


An eRaider account holder is unable to authenticate using their new password after changing it.

When an IT professional views the person's account to determine when the password was last changed, the tools don't reflect that the password has been changed recently.


eRaider password changes can take up to 15 minutes to replicate across various systems.

If the account holder has tried multiple password resets, then it could take up to an additional 15 minutes for each password change.

NOTE: Tools used by IT professionals, such as the net user command and Account Lockout Status tool, get their information from the Active Directory. They will only show a password change after the changes have replicated to those systems.


Wait at least 15 minutes for each password change to allow changes to flow from the eRaider system to other systems. After that, you should be able to access your account using the new password.

If an eRaider password reset has not processed through, do not reset your password again, as this will only make the problem worse. Subsequent password changes will cause the automated processing to move all of your password changes (including the first one) to the end of a different queue with other, less important updates like directory updates (for example, job title changes, phone number changes, etc.).

NOTE: If a password change in eRaider is not reflected on the TTU domain or Microsoft Entra ID within 15 minutes, it should be reported to IT Help Central as a service degradation or outage.


If you cannot sign in to your computer due to this problem, try disconnecting all network access (both wired Ethernet connections and Wi-Fi). Then, sign in to the computer using the last eRaider password that was used for signing into that computer. (The computer caches the password from your last successful sign-in, and that password should work for signing in when no network connection exists.)