Error: "Screencastify must be removed from Chrome"


You receive the following error message when attempting to open an exam in Respondus LockDown Browser or Proctorio:

Screencastify must be removed from Chrome.


Screencastify is an extension within Google Chrome that lives in the browser and is used to record, edit, and submit videos which can cause problems with Respondus LockDown browser, Proctorio, and possibly other secure browsing applications. Screencastify can cause conflicts with the security protocols of Respondus LockDown browser, Proctorio, and other secure browsers or TTU affiliated testing methods.


The Screencastify extension may interfere with other secure browsers or TTU-affiliated testing methods. To resolve this error, uninstall Screencastify by following the steps below:

1) In your Chrome browser, click the ellipsis (three vertical dots). Then, click Settings.

example screenshot

2) Click Extensions.

example screenshot

3) Locate Screencastify in your extensions list and click Remove.

example screenshot

4) After Screencastify has been removed, restart your computer.


The Screencastify error will no longer affect LockDown Browser or Proctorio.