TechMail problems on your iPhone or iPad when using the Mail app


The Mail application on your iPhone or iPad is unable to connect to the TechMail servers.




1) Ensure that your device has a connection to the Internet. One way to do this is by opening a web browser and signing in to Outlook on the web.

2) See if your TechMail account is active and if the TechMail service itself is accessible. Signing in to Outlook on the web (see previous step) is a good way to test this.

3) Try powering down your device and then turning it back on:

4) Go to Settings and ensure that the Mail settings are correct for your TechMail account.

4A) Open the Settings app.

example screenshot

4B) Tap Mail.

example screenshot

4C) Tap Accounts.

example screenshot

4D) Tap your TechMail account.

example screenshot

4E) Tap Account.

example screenshot

4F) Tap Advanced Settings.

example screenshot

4G) Make sure that the switch labeled "Use SSL" is in the "on" position (slid to the right). In the top left-hand corner, tap Account to go back.

example screenshot

4H) Tap Done.

example screenshot

5) If you are still unable to connect through the Mail app, remove the account from your device entirely.

6) In Outlook on the web on a desktop or laptop, remove your device from the list of mobile devices connected to your account.

TIP: You should also remove all older mobile devices from the list that are no longer in use.

7) Set up the account on your device again.


You are able to successfully send and receive email on your iPhone or iPad.


You may access TechMail through Outlook on the web using a web browser like Safari.