Unable to change grayed out passcode settings on iPhone or iPad


In your device's passcode settings screen, the option to disable your passcode is grayed out. Additionally, an option to erase data after 15 failed passcode attempts is enabled and cannot be turned off.

example screenshot


You have your TechMail account set up on this device. In order to protect institutional data, the TechMail service has features to enforce mobile device encryption and to erase the device if the number of bad passcode attempts exceeds a particular threshold.

NOTE: On iOS and iPadOS, encryption is enabled automatically when a passcode is set. Disabling the passcode is not allowed so that encryption cannot be disabled.


Encryption on mobile devices is enabled and required. If your device's native Mail app, or any third party applications (such as Outlook or Gmail) are connected to your TechMail account, you will be unable to change these settings. If you want to change these settings, you will need to remove all instances of your TechMail account from the device.

For more information, please see Information about ActiveSync encryption for mobile devices at Texas Tech University.