You experience a delay or do not receive your eRaider setup or verification code


You were sent an eRaider setup code or verification code, but you never received it.


There are multiple potential causes:

  • You are in an area where your device does not have cellular reception.
  • Your device is in airplane mode or has the cellular radio disabled.
  • The contact phone number on the eRaider account does not match the phone number that you're using.
  • There is a problem with your telephone service provider.
  • You may have entered the phone number incorrectly.
  • Emails and text messages may be blocked or sent to a "junk" folder by software on your device or by your service provider.
  • A problem with hardware or software on your device may be preventing delivery.
  • This may be due to a problem with the vendor service that Texas Tech University uses for sending the codes.


1) Double-check the phone number and/or email address to ensure that you typed it correctly.

2) If a code was requested to be delivered via voice call or text message:

  • Check with your device's manufacturer to find out if your device accepts SMS text messages.
  • Restart your device.
  • Toggle airplane mode on and then off again. This will cycle the cellular radio on your smartphone. Once your device connects to the cellular network, pending messages will be delivered.
  • To test voice calls, see if you are able to place and receive phone calls at your current location. This will confirm that your phone service is working.
  • To test text messages, see if you are able to send and receive text messages at your current location. (It must be SMS text messages, not iMessages or some other Internet-based service that is unrelated to cellular text messaging.)
  • If you do not currently have cellular service or are in a location with poor reception, try again when service improves, or move to an area with better reception.
  • If email is an option, you may wish to try receiving an email instead of a text message or voice message.

3) There are some items that may be worth checking with your cellular service provider. These include:

  • Confirming that SMS text messaging is enabled on your account and for your specific phone number. You may need to subscribe to a text messaging plan with your carrier in order to receive or reply to text messages.
  • Check whether you have security software or something similar which attempts to filter junk text messages; this may have been a false positive; try disabling the software or looking in a location titled something like "spam texts" or "SMS junk".
    • How to check blocked or filtered messages on iPhone
    • Outside of the phone settings, major carriers typically have a feature to block or filter spam calls or texts on the account itself. You should sign in to your carrier account and consider disabling this service (at least temporarily) in case it is blocking the eRaider calls or texts.
    • There are apps that can be installed to block spam calls or texts. Please verify that you don't have something like that installed on your device. If so, temporarily disable it until you receive the code.
  • If you are outside of the United States, check with your carrier that you are enabled to receive foreign SMS texts and voice calls.
  • Check with your carrier that short codes are enabled.
  • Ask the carrier to research further by providing them with the date and time when the code was sent.

4) You may have another device or service that receives your messages, such as a tablet or laptop. Try checking that device for the code. For instance, if you have text message forwarding set up on your iPhone, you can receive your text messages on your Mac or iPad. Cellular carriers may also have apps or websites where one can view one's text messages, such as T-Mobile DIGITS. Look for such alternatives to find the code.

5) If you are anticipating a voice call or text message, confirm that the last four digits of the phone number on the screen match the last four digits of the phone number you're using to receive the code.

6) If you are unable to receive a voice call, please use the text message option as a workaround, if possible.

example screenshot

7) If a code was requested to be delivered via email:

  • Add to the safe senders list in your email software. Then, request the code again.
  • Look in your spam/junk folder for the email message.
  • Search in your mailbox for "".
  • You may wish to try receiving a text message or voice message instead of an email.


You are able to receive your setup code or verification code.


Try a different way of getting the code. For instance, if you requested a text message, try using a voice call instead. If you requested an email, try a text message. And so on.

Try a different number, such as the options listed here.