Unable to connect to TTU Res Halls wireless network on iPhone or iPad


There are multiple possible causes for failed connections to the TTU Res Halls Wi-Fi network, even if the connection was configured correctly.


TIP: If you connect to Wi-Fi in one location and then move locations, your device may attempt to maintain its connection with the wireless access point at the previous location. This can result in a slow connection or the appearance that there is no connection at all. To resolve the problem, simply disable Wi-Fi on your device and enable it again (Steps 1 through 4 below). This will cause your device to re-establish a connection using the closest access point.

1) Open the Settings app.

example screenshot

2) Tap Wi-Fi.

example screenshot

3) If Wi-Fi is turned on, slide the switch to the "off" position (to the left).

example screenshot

4) Slide the Wi-Fi switch back to the "on" position (to the right).

example screenshot

Check to see if the problem has been resolved. If not, proceed to the next step for additional troubleshooting.

5) If you continue to experience connection problems, remove the network from your device. Then, follow the instructions to set up the connection again.

6) If you still cannot connect, try turning off your device completely and turning it back on again:

7) Try connecting again. If you cannot connect, you may consider resetting your device's network settings.


Your iPhone or iPad will be able to connect successfully to the TTU Res Halls wireless network. If not, you may need to restore your device from a backup.

example screenshot