Unable to authenticate using Microsoft multifactor authentication


Unable to sign in using your eRaider account because of inaccessible or incorrect multifactor authentication (MFA) set up in your Microsoft account at TTU.



EXAMPLE #1: You had the Microsoft Authenticator app set up on your cell phone, but the device is damaged beyond repair.

EXAMPLE #2: You registered a phone number to authenticate using voice calls, but you switched phone numbers. The previous number is still registered in Microsoft MFA.

EXAMPLE #3: You changed your TechMail address. The previous TechMail address is the one registered in the Microsoft Authenticator app.


No one at Texas Tech University or from anywhere else should ask for your password.

1) Follow the steps to set up Microsoft MFA. Try to add another method for signing in, if possible.

NOTE: If you have trouble with MFA because you recently changed your TechMail address, try obtaining a verification code using your Microsoft Authenticator app. This should be possible even if the Authenticator app gives you errors or appears not to work in most cases. See How to: Use Microsoft multifactor authentication (MFA), Step 4, Section D, for guidance. If you were able to get it work, temporarily add a new MFA method. Then, remove your Authenticator app from the list and re-add it.

2) If you are unable to update your MFA methods through the previous step, please contact your institution's IT service desk:


The appropriate IT support team will assist you with the process of verifying your identity to help you gain access to signing in.