Unable to proceed with eRaider account setup because phone or email code is required


When you are attempting to set up your eRaider account, the screen tells you that a code is required for verifying both email address and phone number.

NOTE: In order to maintain an eRaider account, it is necessary to have a contact number capable of receiving either SMS text messages or automated voice calls. There are no alternatives to this policy. For more information, please view our list of ideas for fulfilling the requirement for an eRaider contact phone number.

example screenshot


On the previous screen where third-party email address and contact phone number are collected, you entered both pieces of information. Only the contact phone number is required, but if you enter both you will be required to verify both.


Use the back button in your web browser to return to the screen where you entered your third-party email address and contact phone number. Delete the contents in the email fields so that only the contact phone number is entered. In other words, only provide a contact phone number but not an email address.


You will be able to proceed past the verification screen.