Error: "Invalid US Phone Number!" when attempting to update your contact phone number in eRaider Account Manager


You may receive the following message when attempting to set your contact phone number in eRaider Account Manager:

Invalid US Phone Number!

example screenshot


The phone number must be typed without the country code, and it must include all ten digits of the US phone number.

NOTE: In order to maintain an eRaider account, it is necessary to have a contact number capable of receiving either SMS text messages or automated voice calls. There are no alternatives to this policy. For more information. please view our list of ideas for fulfilling the requirement for an eRaider contact phone number.


No one at Texas Tech University or from anywhere else should ask for your password.

Type all ten digits of the US number without the country code and without spaces or special characters.

EXAMPLE: For the number 1-806-555-1234, you would type 8065551234.


The error message will disappear automatically when the phone numbers are typed in the correct format and you click into another field or click a blank area of the web page.