Received text message stating "This number has been removed from eRaider"


You receive a text message or voice call alert on your mobile phone stating the following:

This number has been removed from eRaider. If this was done in error, please contact (8 0 6) 7 4 2 4 3 5 7

example screenshot


The eRaider Account Management System (eRAMS) at Texas Tech University maintains a contact telephone number for each account, as specified by the account holder. The phone number can be used by the account owner to change their password, regain access to the account, or for two-factor authentication purposes; but the number may also be used to alert the account owner of changes to their account. When the contact number is changed on the account, an alert is sent via SMS text messaging or voice call to the phone number on record.


No one at Texas Tech University or from anywhere else should ask for your password.

If you changed the number yourself, no action is required. The message was simply sent to you as a courtesy.

If you did not change the number yourself, please follow the steps in How to: Update your eRaider contact phone number to make sure your contact information in eRaider is correct. If it is not, change it immediately. Then, follow the process in the article eRaider password changed without your consent or a 3rd party gained access to your account.

If you checked your eRaider contact number and it was correct on your account, but you still received a text message indicating it was removed, it may be because your number was also the contact number on someone else's eRaider account. This may be because you once helped out a friend by allowing them to add your number to their account.