Error: "Contact Phone Value Required!" during eRaider account setup


You receive the following message when attempting to set up your eRaider account:

Contact Phone Value Required!

example screenshot


Cause #1

This error can be caused by entering a space or an extra character when entering the contact phone number. Another cause is web browser add-ons which auto-correct entered information.

Cause #2

There is not a unique error message for when the email address section does not fit the requirements. This error can be caused by entering an email address that contains the text "ttu" anywhere in the email address.



Resolution for Cause #1

  • Remove any unneeded characters or spaces
  • Clear cache and cookies on the web browser
  • Use a different web browser
  • Try a different phone number to make sure the problem doesn't lie with the number itself
  • Use a smartphone or tablet

NOTE: In order to maintain an eRaider account, it is necessary to have a contact number capable of receiving either SMS text messages or automated voice calls. There are no alternatives to this policy. For more information, please view our list of ideas for fulfilling the requirement for an eRaider contact phone number.

Resolution for Cause #2

Type an email address that does not contain the text "ttu".

TIP: It is not necessary to enter a contact email address. You can avoid the error message by simply leaving the "Email Address" field blank.


You will be able to set up your account successfully.