Unable to see TTUnet wireless because system cannot connect to 5 GHz band


Do not see TTUnet wireless network as an option to connect. This may have started after an update was made to TTUnet Wi-Fi service on October 9, 2022.


Computer does not have the capability to connect to 5 GHz


Double check that your wireless adapter doesn't support 5 GHz. It may just be that it is not set to dual band to see the TTUnet wireless 5 GHz network. Please follow Steps 29 through 33 of this knowledge article for Windows 10 to check this item. If you have the capability to set your wireless adapter to dual band in these steps, you should be able to see the TTUnet network after that. You can also look up your wireless adapter online to see the technical specifications and identify if it supports 5 GHz.


Some workarounds to still connect to TTUnet include:

  • Purchasing an external wireless adapter that can connect to 5 GHz networks.
  • Bring an Ethernet cable to campus and use the public wired network ports.