Error: "CAS is unable to process this request: '500:Internal Server Error'" when accessing Raiderlink


You receive an error message similar to the following when attempting to access Raiderlink:

CAS is unable to process this request: "500:Internal Server Error"

Error: eRaider authentication failed, elu:jdoe, elk:1234567890123456, ip:

example screenshot


These errors may occur when Raiderlink is unable to confirm the IP address of the browser session. This can happen due to the following:

Cause #1: Multiple simultaneous network connections

This is typically if you have one wired connection and one wireless connection at the same time.

EXAMPLE: When a TTU owned laptop is connected to the TTUnet wireless network and then docked at a docking station that is connected to the TTUnet wired network.

Cause #2: IP address manipulation

This can happen if you're using TOR, stealth browsing, proxies, etc.

Cause #3: Third-party VPN services

Sometimes this problem can be caused by a third-party VPN service.


Resolution for Cause #1 (Multiple simultaneous network connections)

Disconnect from one of the extra Internet connections.

Resolution for Cause #2 (IP address manipulation)

Disable any IP manipulating software (such as TOR, stealth browsing, etc.) If you are unaware of any such software, or if on a network service provider that forces all traffic through a proxy, please use a TTUnet VPN connection.

Resolution for Cause #3 (Third-party VPN services)

Disable the third-party VPN service and try again.


You are able to sign in to Raiderlink successfully.