Error: "Deleted Files Are Removed Everywhere" in OneDrive for Business on your Mac


After deleting a file on your Mac that is stored in OneDrive for Business, you receive the following message:

Deleted Files Are Removed Everywhere

Files you delete from your OneDrive are no longer available across your devices or on the web. You can restore them from your OneDrive recycle bin within the next 93 days.

example screenshot


The message is intended to inform you that the deleted file(s) will not only be removed from your Mac but also from the cloud ( and also all devices that are syncing with your OneDrive for Business account at TTU.


If you did not intended to delete the file, you may be able to recovery it from Trash on your Mac.

If you need to remove the file from your Mac but not delete it from your OneDrive for Business account, you may remove the cached copy of the file (if using Files on Demand) or stop the file from syncing if not using Files on Demand.