Error: "We couldn't find a mailbox for this recipient" when accessing TechMail through Outlook on the web


You receive the following message when attempting to access your TechMail account by signing in to Outlook on the web:


Something went wrong

We couldn't find a mailbox for this recipient. Either they don't have a mailbox or don't have a license assigned.

example screenshot


Cause #1

Your browser may have an open session established with a Microsoft 365 account that isn't from TTU and doesn't have a mailbox.

Cause #2

You may not have activated TechMail service for your account yet.

Cause #3

Not enough time has passed since you activated TechMail service.

Cause #4

Your eRaider account may not have a license for email.


Reolution #1

Make sure that you are accessing Outlook on the web through either or Use your TechMail address as the username and your eRaider password as the password.

Try clearing your browser's history, cache, and cookies. Then, try signing in again.

Alternatively, you may try using a different browser temporarily to access Outlook on the web.

Resolution #2

Make sure that you have activated TechMail service through eRaider Account Manager.

Resolution #3

Wait the standard amount of time after activating TechMail before attempting to sign in.

Resolution #4

If you believe your account should be licensed for TechMail but is not, please contact IT Help Central with the details of the error message you received, including the date and time you received the message, what browser, and what operating system you were using. IT Help Central can check the licensing plans assigned to your account. If they do not see one that contains the wording "Exchange Online" or "Office 365 A1 Plus for students", TechMail service may not available to you at this time. IT Help Central can further review your account and, if necessary, assign a request or incident in your name to system administrators for additional review.


You are able to access your TechMail account through Microsoft 365.