Unable to sign in to Blackboard Learn from off-campus network




For customers who are unable to access Blackboard Learn outside of the TTU network despite troubleshooting, please view the knowledge article How to: Sign in to Blackboard Learn without an eRaider password.


If you are unable to access Blackboard Learn from an off-campus network, please try the following steps:

1) Make sure you can sign in to eRaider Account Manager at https://eraider.ttu.edu/.

2) Make sure that you're using the correct URL, https://ttu.blackboard.com.

3) If you're connected to a VPN connect, try disconnecting.

4) If you're connected to both a wireless and wired network, try disconnecting from one of them and use either wired only or wireless only.

5) Try standard browser troubleshooting, such as clearing history, cookies, and cache; or try resetting the browser, etc.

If you have tried these steps and are still unable to access Blackboard, please contact ITĀ Help Central.