Scam phone calls appear to come from TTU/TTUS phone numbers


Receiving phone calls from solicitor not affiliated with TTU/TTUS using TTU/TTUS phone numbers or someone notifies you your phone number was used to call them from a non TTU/TTUS affiliated solicitor.


Third parties unaffiliated with Texas Tech University are using software to appear as (spoof) the phone numbers of current TTU/TTUS employee's phone numbers. This gives the appearance of validity for the third party when making calls to members of the Texas Tech community to enable the caller to present their solicitation.


Spoofed or automated (robo) calls will never originate from within Texas Tech. Because the calls originate from the Internet, there is not a method available to prevent such calls.

Please refer to the knowledge article regarding vishing for more information on these type of scam calls and how to deal with them. If the calls are originating from a single, non-TTU/TTUS spoofed phone number or a small set of non-TTU/TTUS spoofed numbers you may be able to block the calls.

If you are an employee notified that your number was spoofed, please know that this is not necessarily indicative of an account compromise. You may review your account for tampering, however the TTU IT Division has systems in place to detect and disable compromised accounts.

If you feel that your account has been compromised, contact ITĀ Help Central immediately.