Who has access to sign in to the TTUnet Wi-Fi network


In general, current students, faculty, staff, business partners, and research partners of TTUS, TTU, and TTUHSC have access to the TTUnet wireless network.

When signing in, all individuals should use their official Texas Tech email address as the username (e.g., john.doe@ttu.edu). If you do not have a Texas Tech email address, type your username in the format your_eRaider_username@ttu.edu or your_eRaider_username@ttuhsc.edu, depending on whether your account is on the TTU or TTUHSC domain (e.g., jdoe@ttu.edu).

If necessary, you may submit a network assistance request for further details. ITĀ Help Central employees can view the roles assigned to your eRaider account, as well as whether those roles have access to TTUnet Wi-Fi.