Use of hyphens in TechMail addresses


State of Texas naming guidelines for email addresses states that a hyphen can be used in multi-part names to separate the pieces. TTU's policy is to use this rule in multi-part names. For instance, if your name has a space (i.e., Van Winkle), a hyphen will be placed in the alias in place of the space.

If your name is hyphenated in the authoritative source (student or HR records), the hyphen will be maintained in the TechMail options when you choose your address in eRaider Account Manager.

If the options for TechMail address available in eRaider Account Manager are not suitable, you may contact IT Help Central for additional assistance. IT Help Central can assist in requesting that the TechMail address be manually changed to use the entire hyphenated name or either of the two parts individually.

EXAMPLE: If your name is Diane Chambers-Malone in the HR records and eRaider only allows you to choose, IT Help Central can assist in changing the address to either or, if either is available.

Additional information can be found on the Telecommunications website at