TTU IT Division consultation for IT training


IT training

Consultation provided by: Technology SupportĀ (ITTS)

Maintaining and improving the IT staff skill sets is a very important component in the overall judicious management of information technology resources at TTU. A highly skilled IT workforce is a valuable asset in the effective use of resources.

The TTU IT Division provides general computer training to assist TTU students, faculty, and staff with computer and miscellaneous business skills. It also offers advanced training opportunities for specific IT skills through vendor-provided sessions, invited expert trainers, and skilled internal IT staff. The attendance by the university IT staff at these events has generally been very good. The TTU IT Division also provides a self-paced, online, computer-based training program (Udemy), that includes a large selection of IT and business skills courses. These resources can assist in increasing personnel and student skill level at little to no additional cost to the individual departments.