TTU IT Alert: Payroll alert email message is a scam


The Texas Tech University IT Division is alerting the TTU community of an active malicious email campaign. The email contains the subject "Payroll Alert: IMPORTANT Notice regarding your service" and states that the recipient must fill out an attached form in order to confirm their identity. In reality, this message is a phishing email—an attempt to steal your identity. The file attachment most likely contains virulent software as well.

Future deliveries of this particular email will be blocked by the TechMail servers, but you may have already received a copy in your Inbox or Junk Email folders. If you find this message in your TechMail mailbox, please delete it immediately. If you have responded to any of these emails and provided personal information, please contact IT Help Central at 806-742-HELP [4357] for additional assistance.

An example of the most commonly-reported email is provided below, but be advised that there are likely many different variants:

From: ADP Payroll []
Subject: Payroll Alert: IMPORTANT Notice regarding your service

As a valued RUN ADP Online Payroll Service Customer, the security of your identity and payroll account information is extremely important.

We are installing enhanced online security as an additional way of protecting your ADP Online Payroll access.

Click CONFIRM to confirm your identity.

Due to this, we have sent you an attachment which contains the web page in order to confirm your account information. Download the attachment to your desktop and open the file to Get Started


Thank you.
Support Service
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The TTU IT Division recommends cybersecurity awareness to protect your information and TTU information resources.

If you encounter a similar phishing email, please see How to: Handle suspicious/phishing emails sent to your TechMail account.