Tips to ease the process in registering for classes at Texas Tech University


For TTU students, below are tips on how to ease the registration experience. There are multiple registration methods available:

Method 1

Register for Classes > Enter CRNs

This is the most efficient registration method. Simply enter the CRNs of the courses for which you wish to register. Make sure to locate the CRNs using the "Browse Classes" tool prior to registration.

example screenshot

Method 2

Plan Ahead

This feature allows you to build your class schedule ahead of time, prior to registration. You will then be able to submit your planned schedule during registration. This eliminates the need to search for CRNs or courses during the registration time itself.

Method 3

Register for Classes > Find Classes

This method allows you to use a variety of search criteria to locate the courses for which you wish to register and add them to your schedule as you go.