Recommended practices for email scams and hoaxes


1) Never open an email attachment unless you know what it is, even if it's from someone you know and trust.

2) Virus writers can attach a virus into the hoax, so when a user opens up the file, they also open up the file with the virus attachment.

3) Never unzip any files that you are not expecting.

a) Be cautious even if you know the sender.

b) Always double check with the sender and know what it is you are opening.

4) Be familiar with the Hoax Lists:

a) Broadcom hoax list:

b) Trend Micro Hoax list:

5) Be familiar with the Scam List:

a) Federal Trade Commission Scam Site:


6) If you encounter a phishing scam, please see How to: Handle suspicious/phishing emails sent to your TechMail account.