Processes regarding availability of eRaider accounts to new TTU students


When a student applies for admission to Texas Tech University, it is the responsibility of the various admissions offices (e.g., Undergraduate Admissions, Graduate Admissions, etc.) to draw the data from the ApplyTexas system into the Banner Student system.

For all students except TTU undergraduate students, the eRaider Account Management System (eRAMS) automatically generates eRaider accounts when it receives new student data from Banner, assuming an account for the person did not already exist. Telecommunications receives Banner updates each morning for accounts which need generated. This means that when a student applies for admission to TTU and the appropriate admissions office processes the application, an eRaider account is generated automatically after a brief (usually less than 24 hours) waiting period. For TTU undergraduate students, the account is generated after they are fully admitted.

The waiting period that the student experiences is primarily dependent on the time it takes for the student's application to be fully processed by the university. After the student is fully admitted, the student must wait on their respective admissions office to take the next step. The time frame of this step will depend on how long it takes their admissions office to bring the applied student records from ApplyTexas into the Banner system.

Once the eRaider account is automatically created in eRAMS, students will be contacted via letter or email message with their eRaider username and setup code by their school/college admissions office. The time frame of this process depends when each admissions office sends the information to the student.

Once the student receives their account information, they may set up their account.