Pathway Net cardholder instructions for TTU procurement card


The following are instructions for procurement cardholders to access Pathway Net, a web application from JP Morgan Chase Bank (JPMC).

Pathway Net allows cardholders to view their past and current transactions, run reports, and view their card information as it is entered at JPMC.

Please contact the procurement card (p-card) office at 806-742-3253 with any questions.

instructions

1) Browse to

2) Enter your user ID (first four letters of your last name and last six digits of your procurement card account number) and password (initially the same as your user ID).

NOTE: If your browser has a pop-up blocker enabled, hold down the Ctrl key (PC) or Command key (Mac) on your keyboard when clicking the sign-in button.

3) You will be prompted to change your password the first time you sign in. Passwords may be a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters; however, they may not contain spaces or quotation marks. You may not re-enter your current password as the new password.

4) Review the license agreement, and click to proceed if you agree.

Menu instructions

  • Inbox - Contains prior year history information
  • Account View - View or print current and past transactions
  • Transaction View - Not currently used; will be used at a later date for account allocation
  • Requests:
    • Reports - Click on report name to view description and sample of report. Click Number to run report. Follow steps or choose Finish to skip individual options, and click Run Report.
    • Log - Reports are listed here after generation by Pathway. Click the name to download the desired report. Right-click the name of the report to save in a different format. Chooose Save Target As, type a file name, and click Save.
  • Program Management: Cards - Use to review your card information

A HELP tab is located on the menu page and provides detailed information of each menu item.

Signing off pathway

Click the Bank One icon. You will be automatically signed out after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Changing your password

1) At the bottom of the menu bar, click the Change Password button.

2) In the "New Password" field, type your new password.

3) Re-type your password into the "Confirm Password" field.

4) Click OK.