Overview of the TTUguest wireless network


TIP: A short URL (askit.ttu.edu/ttuguest) is in place which redirects to this content.

The TTUguest wireless network was created for instances when visitors to Texas Tech University need Wi-Fi network access. This includes cases where visitors, recruiters, vendors, and presenters are attending conferences, meetings, or other events on the TTU campus.

You will be able to access all outside Internet resources over the wireless network that you could access from a wired connection. However, TTUguest is outside of the Texas Tech University firewall. Therefore, you will not be able to access resources inside TTUnet. TTUguest will work just as if you were on an outside network (e.g., coffee shop or a private home).



Look up the current password for TTUguest (TTUS and TTU faculty and staff only)

Planning ahead, large events, and more

Instructions for connecting

Additional information