Overview of Sender ID feature in TechMail



One of the largest problems facing individuals on all email services is that the "From" line can be easily forged (spoofed). When Internet mail was first designed there was no intrinsic authenticity built into messages, and as time has passed organized crime and marketers have taken advantage of that for a wide variety of spamming and phishing schemes.

Sender ID is an email authentication technology protocol that helps address the problem of spoofing and phishing by verifying the domain name from which email messages are sent. Sender ID validates the origin of email messages by verifying the IP address of the sender against the alleged owner of the sending domain.


Each message coming into TechMail or sent from TechMail is checked using Sender ID, and the result will be incorporated into the intelligent message filtering score known as spam confidence level (SCL). The result will be an incremental improvement in handling messages with spoofed addresses and an increase in assurance that the message came from the alleged sender.

As a TechMail customer, please be aware of the following important information:

  • If you use your TechMail address from commercial websites to send yourself an email message, then it may be categorized as spam. Many times we see something that we would like to forward as an email, such as a news story. If the website is asking for a "From" email address, use one of your other email addresses instead of your TechMail address.
  • Internal messages between TechMail users are never categorized as spam by the system.
  • It is not necessary to place TechMail addresses (@ttu.edu) in your safe senders or safe recipients lists.

The Sender ID feature will reduce the amount of junk email you receive and increase the likelihood that the message came from the alleged sender. It will also result in less spoofing of your TechMail address by unauthorized users.