Overview of resource mailboxes in TechMail


A resource mailbox in TechMail is a functional mailbox that has been converted into a resource mailbox, giving it special features for use in serving as the mailbox for a particular resource. Resources are generally rooms, but mailboxes for equipment or other special types of purposes can be created, as well. Some of the advantages of using a resource mailbox are:

  • A resource can automatically accept meetings for open times and respond to conflicting requests as "Tentative".
  • Designated individuals can automatically be informed of conflicts in order to moderate them.
  • When TechMail users schedule a meeting and click the "Rooms" button, room resources will display here while regular functional mailboxes will not.
  • You could configure a template for when the mailbox resource automatically answers with an "Accept" or "Tentative" response.

Any existing functional mailbox can be converted to a resource mailbox.