Overview of outbound junk email and phishing protection in TechMail



TechMail performs two types of filtering on outgoing messages sent from TechMail accounts. These measures are an attempt to help protect eRaider accounts from phishing and to protect TechMail servers from being blocked by other email providers.

Outbound junk email filtering

Outgoing messages from the TechMail system are run through Microsoft's EOP Content Filtering Agent (CFA) and scored on a ten point scale called a spam confidence level (SCL). Messages are then routed to their destination through normal, bulk-mail, or high-risk pools of outbound servers based on SCL.

TechMail administrators do not control the scoring process.

These measures exist to protect the reputation of the TechMail servers with other email providers. Large amounts of spam messages sent from TechMail can cause email providers such as Outlook (consumer version) or Gmail to block all incoming messages from @ttu.edu addresses for a period of time. This can affect the entire university's ability to conduct business.

TIP: If you need to send messages to a large number of recipients for matters not related to TTU, you may need to use the services of a third party email system.

NOTE: Your Safe and Blocked lists have no effect on outbound message delivery.

Phishing protection

Messages sent to TechMail users are scanned to identify likely phishing schemes. When the sender is not on your Safe Senders List, suspected phishing messages may be automatically placed in your Junk Email folder, depending on the SCL score.

NOTE: Authenticated, internal TechMail messages are not be affected by the phishing filter.