Overview of FormFusion


FormFusion, a document enhancement and distribution solution, can be used for Purchase Orders, Grade Mailers, Transcripts, Student Bills, Invoices, Tax Forms, Letter Generation, and more. You can rearrange data, add images, change the layout, formatting, color and fonts, as well as add information not included in the standard output file. FormFusion converts standard application output into more attractive, functional and efficient electronic documents, and then intelligently distributes them over a variety of delivery channels including print, email, web or imaging integration.

At Texas Tech, FormFusion is used by small groups of faculty/staff for specialized needs. For example, the Office of the Registrar uses it for sending out transcripts in an aesthetically-pleasing format rather than their default Banner format. FormFusion can send out emails and printed letters, and is used primarily for communication with students when there is a need to pull data from Banner and integrate it into an email/letter format.

You can access FormFusion by visiting https://evisions.texastech.edu.