Overview of DHCP services at Texas Tech University


All IP addresses on TTUnet wired and wireless networks are assigned using DHCP, even for servers. Systems that have manually configured IP addresses should be changed to use DHCP.

The DHCP lease duration is 30 days for wired connections. When a system is configured to use DHCP and is actively used during the 30 day lease, the system's IP address does not typically change.

Texas Tech University's DHCP services include multiple servers distributed throughout the network. Every effort is taken to maintain IP addresses assigned to active systems so that the addresses do not change. However, if a system's IP address does change, in most cases this will not cause any impact and can be ignored. If an unexpected IP address change occurs and needs attention, please contact IT Help Central.

NOTE: All networked computers, printers, etc., must be configured to use DHCP in order to avoid service interruptions.

Some server configurations require special coordination to use DHCP or to obtain secondary IP addresses. Mission critical servers that require secondary IP addresses on network interface controllers (NICs) will be assigned via the process How to: Obtain a reserved IP address for a network device on TTUnet.