Overview of Banner Document Management (also known as Xtender)



Banner Document Management (BDM)—also known as Xtender—is a document imaging system accessible at https://imaging.texastech.edu. Documents can be scanned and stored for viewing or printing. BDM is integrated with Banner so that documents associated with a person are accessible when that person's record is brought up.

BDM uses eRaider for authentication.

Additional information

As a user you can scan directly from any browser into BDM. In order to do this, you must download and install the Cloud Captiva Software. Please make sure you have admin rights to your computer or ask your IT support person for assistance. Once, you have installed the software, please restart your computer in order to take advantage of these tools.

If you use Canon Client Software for scanning for other purposes than BDM, you must install a fix in order to use both services.

Getting help

For assistance with BDM, please see How to: Get assistance with Banner Document Management (also known as Xtender).