Overview of ATLC Remote Computer Access Lab



Technology Support offers remote access to the ATLC lab computers for students, faculty, and staff via a Remote Desktop connection. These computers have various software installed on them, useful for users who may not be licensed to use some software or may not have a system capable of running the software. This is great for video editing or other data analysis.

NOTE: You will not be able to install any software on the ATLC computers.

Time usage

NOTE: The ATLC computers automatically restart every morning at 4 AM Central. Keep this in mind if you are using the computers at that time, as you may lose unsaved progress.

There are no time limits on using the ATLC computers. Try not to go away from your keyboard for long periods of time, as other users may need access to a computer. If you are done using a computer, be sure to sign out to free up the computer for another user.


Connect to an ATLC computer remotely

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