Overview of askIT



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askIT allows you to browse and search the same knowledge articles that IT Help Central uses to resolve customer incidents and service requests. You can also use askIT to submit new requests, view the status of your requests, or add updates to them. Lastly, you can view a list of scheduled maintenance and recent system outages.

askIT is powered by ServiceNow.

Knowledge base

Through askIT, the TTU IT Division provides approximately 4,000 KB articles for Microsoft 365, Windows, macOS, iPhone & iPad, Android, Blackboard, Banner, TTU networks, Raiderlink, Microsoft Teams, and more.

Service catalog

The TTU IT Division publishes its service catalog through askIT. This allows IT Division customers to learn about the services available to them and to request services.

Service portal

You may access the knowledge base and service catalog through the service portal at https://askit.ttu.edu, which redirects to https://askit.ttu.edu/sp.

  • Open to general public with no eRaider authentication required
  • You can open a new request for assistance through this portal
  • By clicking Sign in and authenticating using your ttu.edu eRaider account, you may access the following additional features:
    • View current and planned system downtime (scheduled maintenance and unscheduled service interruptions)
    • View the following information about your requests or requests on which you've been added to the watch list:
      • Request number
      • State and stage of the request
      • Assignees
      • Date opened
      • Date last edited
      • Activity (comments)
      • Attachments
      • Other details about the request
    • Add comments or attachments to your own requests or requests on which you've been added to the watch list