Overview of @success.ttu.edu email addresses


NOTE: This article give basic information about the differences between @success.ttu.edu and @ttu.edu email addresses and mentions Strive. For more information on Strive, see Overview of Strive at TTU.

Information about @success.ttu.edu email addresses

The "@success.ttu.edu" email address is part of the Strive (EAB) system. When an email is sent to a student's @success.ttu.edu email address, the message will also be saved in the Strive (EAB) system. Below you will find formatting examples of both a standard @ttu.edu email address and a @success.ttu.edu email address:

  • jane.doe@ttu.edu - Standard TTU email address (Message not saved in Strive).
  • jane.doe@success.ttu.edu - Success TTU email address (copy of message saved in Strive).