Order of default index pages for MyWeb service


After the website administrator activates their MyWeb service, they need to create a default page in the root folder of their account in order for their website address to function. The default page should be saved as one of the following file names:

  • index.php
  • index.asp
  • index.aspx
  • index.htm
  • index.html
  • default.php
  • default.asp
  • default.aspx
  • default.htm
  • default.html
  • home.php
  • home.asp
  • home.aspx
  • home.htm
  • home.html

Only one of these files is needed. This file is the page that is displayed when users browse to either https://www.myweb.ttu.edu/eRaider_username or https://myweb.ttu.edu/eRaider_username.

The web server will check for and display the default page in the order listed above. For example, if both an index.php and an index.asp page exist, the index.php page will be displayed when users browse to https://www.myweb.ttu.edu/eRaider_username. This is because index.php is higher in the list than index.asp.