Information Systems (IS) services at TTUS


Services provided

Information Systems (IS) is a department at the Texas Tech University System (TTUS) level which reports through the CIO of the TTUS. IS primarily provides application design, development, and maintenance for web systems. IS typically provides this service for applications that will be shared between the various institutions of the TTUS, while TTU-only applications are generally developed at TTU by Application Development & Support (ADS).

IS also provides consulting services for departments, including consultation for automation needs, pre-purchase evaluation of software systems, and interface designs to IS-supported systems.

Requesting services

Faculty and staff at TTU may request services from the IS department by contacting IT Help Central. Specify that your request is for Information Systems, and it will be assigned to IS for review and subsequent processing. If additional information is needed on the request, an IS project leader will contact you. IS will estimate the effort required to fulfill the request, and the request will be reviewed and approved/denied at the next project meeting (held three times a year in spring, summer, and autumn). For additional information about project management within IS, please see Overview of Project Portfolio Management at TTUS Information Systems.


Reports and reporting on information in Texas Tech's vast array of databases is handled by Institutional Research. Web-based access to hundreds of reports is also available through the Cognos reporting system.