Information about VirtualBox and software licensing at TTU


As with all software, please ensure that your usage falls within the licensing terms. For instance, some software may not be licensed for use on TTU-owned devices.


Most software requires acceptance of an end user license agreement (EULA) at the time of installation. Per Operating Policy and Procedure 72.07 and Regents' Rules Chapter 07.12, TTU employees and students, as well as departments and units, do not have authority to sign a EULA on behalf of Texas Tech University. Many "personal", "free", "consumer", and "trial" software packages forbid installation on organization-owned systems, including those owned by Texas Tech University, without a legitimately acquired software license. Software license purchases and all related contract documents are approved and authorized by Procurement Services and the TTU Office of the CIO. In some cases, software packages are licensed at the Texas Tech University System level (i.e., Oracle, Ellucian) for software shared among Texas Tech institutions; other software packages are licensed at the institutional (TTU) level (i.e., Microsoft 365 apps or Adobe software), and some software packages may have been licensed by a department for a few systems or users.

Any software package, installed on a university-owned device, that is not properly licensed through TTUS, TTU, or your department is a violation of copyright laws and TTU policies, and must be removed immediately. For example, Oracle VirtualBox, a tool used for virtual system creation and management, offers a free consumer version downloaded from their website, and, per their EULA, is not authorized on any institutional systems, TTU-owned systems in our case. In compliance with vendor licensing requirements, please immediately uninstall any Oracle VirtualBox license from TTU-owned systems, unless your area/department has purchased an appropriate license. Additionally, we ask that you review software installed on area/department institutionally-owned systems, and ensure that all software is properly licensed, typically through a TTU software site license, or an area/department purchase.

If you have a need to manage institutional virtual servers or have questions regarding software licensed for campus use, please contact IT Help Central. IT Help Central can assign an issue in your name to the appropriate team to render assistance. If you have questions about the procurement and contract process for any license, please contact