Information about how address book data is updated in FootPrints Service Core


For most workspaces in FootPrints, address book data is pulled on a daily basis (early in the morning) from authoritative data sources such as the eRaider system, Banner HR, and Banner Student. The records for all active faculty, staff, students, and eRaider account holders is then fed into the FootPrints address book. This is done separately for each workspace so that each workspace has its own copy of the address book data.

Each of the address book fields updated daily from these authoritative sources is called an authoritative data field. There may also be non-authoritative data fields which contain information manually entered by FootPrints agents.

To change information in authoritative data fields, it should be updated at the source, such as through Raiderlink, eRaider Account Manager, etc. If any data is manually changed in an authoritative data field by the FootPrints agent, the data will be overwritten the next day from the authoritative source, assuming there is data with which to overwrite it. If there is no data in the authoritative source for that user, the manually-entered data will remain.

EXAMPLE: If a user has no value for "Prefix" and you manually enter "Dr.", the data will be overwritten the next day if the authoritative source has "Ms." stored. However, if the authoritative source has no prefix stored for that user, "Dr." will remain in the field.

If the user does not have an active HR affiliation, no HR data will be populated on a daily basis for them.

If the user does not have an active student affiliation, no student data will be populated on a daily basis for them.

EXAMPLE: If John Doe has both a student affiliation and an HR affiliation, and he has a "Student Phone" of 806-555-1234, that phone number will feed into FootPrints. If his student affiliation ends but his HR affiliation continues, his student data will stop feeding. If he goes into Raiderlink and updates his personal phone number to 806-000-1234, that data will not update in FootPrints.

In some workspaces, a "Data Sources" field records where the data came from.

EXAMPLE: If "Employee" and "eRaider" are selected as values in "Data Sources", you know the data came from the Banner HR system and the eRaider system.

If a user record was manually created in the address book by a FootPrints agent, the "Authoritative Customer" option will be set to "No". If the user record was automatically created from authoritative sources, the "Authoritative Customer" option will be set to "Yes".

After a new address book entry is added, a value for "FootPrints ID" is dynamically generated on the back end. "FootPrints ID" is the primary key and is used because not all users have a common identifier (some have eRaider username but no TechID, some have a TechID but no eRaider username, some have a Social Security number while others do not, etc.).