Information about accessing Blackboard Learn at TTU on mobile devices


Information regarding support for the Blackboard mobile app supported at Texas Tech University

When Blackboard Learn was first considered and selected for usage at Texas Tech University, the faculty who participated in the assessment group were very concerned about making Blackboard quizzes, grading, and discussion board functionality available for TTU Blackboard users on mobile devices, given their data and user identity concerns. They elected to not pursue those aspects of the system at this time. If campus wishes to revisit the initial decision made by the faculty, the TTU IT Division will be glad to pursue the options available—to include a funding source.

NOTE: The Blackboard Learn pages are responsive, so faculty and students can view course materials and grades; they simply cannot submit quizzes, grades, and discussion posts.

TTU IT Division does not recommend using the Blackboard mobile app. Although it is technically compatible with TTU's implementation of Blackboard Learn, the features are limited and Blackboard may charge you a fee. Please read the terms of use if you attempt to use the app to be certain you understand any associated fees.

Blackboard markets the app to students without telling them that their institution must have purchased and installed the full mobile application functionality, so many students have purchased the app only to find they cannot use it. Students do not need the app to view course materials, assignments, and grades. The Blackboard Learn webapp at TTU is fully responsive, HTML5 compliant, and will work on mobile devices, though quizzes, grading, and discussion boards may require the use of a desktop or laptop computer.

Features available if you decide to use the Blackboard mobile app even though it's unsupported

The Blackboard mobile app is primarily designed for viewing content and not for uploading content. Blackboard allows you to access your Blackboard courses and organizations through a mobile device. This includes:

  • Check grades*
  • Post to discussions
  • Attach files from Dropbox
  • Read announcements (instructors can post announcements)
  • View content (instructors can post content items)
  • Create and comment on blogs and journals posts
  • Take mobile-friendly tests
  • Receive push notifications of course activity

*Grade center functionality for instructors is not currently supported, but is planned for a future release.

Other features may not be available or may not function correctly. Again, the TTU IT Division does not recommend using the Blackboard mobile app and advises that the web interface be used through your mobile browser instead. Even when using the web interface, the quiz, grading, and discussion board features should be accessed only from a desktop or laptop computer, not a mobile device.