General settings for connecting to your MyWeb website


The TTU IT Division can only provide support for some web design clients. The information presented is provided as a courtesy to the TTU community, and when contacting IT Help Central for assistance you may be referred to the manufacturer or provider of your software or your preferred third-party support provider.


If specific instructions do not exist in askIT for your web design software, you may use the settings below when attempting to connect to MyWeb to publish your personal website.

NOTE: Settings required are dependent on the client software used.

  • Server/Host Name:
  • SSL: Enabled
  • Protocol: SMB (file share)
  • Port: 139 or 445
  • Username: your eRaider username
  • Password: your eRaider password
  • Domain: TTU


You are able to connect to MyWeb to edit or publish your personal website as long as your software supports the settings above.