eRaider access for temporary faculty/staff or contract workers not directly paid by Texas Tech


If eRaider access is needed for a temporary faculty or staff member, temp agency worker, a contract employee, or an employee not directly paid by Texas Tech, the department representing this person needs to submit a non-salaried ePAF. The employment services coordinator (ESC) can submit the ePAF online through Raiderlink at (ePAFs can be submitted through the Human Resources channel on the "A&F Work Tools" tab in Raiderlink.) The non-salaried ePAF will add the employee to Banner without having to issue a paycheck. The employee will then be recognized by Texas Tech in the eRaider system and an account will be generated automatically.

NOTE: Each year, the representative department's ESC should renew the status of the person by submitting a new non-salaried ePAF to keep them active in Banner, or hire the person permanently and work with Human Resources to transition the person to permanent status by using an ePAF.


The temp employee or contract worker will have access to eRaider-authenticated services.