Differences between TTUnet wireless and TTUnet wired networks


The wireless network is not a replacement for the wired infrastructure. Wireless networking is provided only to enhance mobile communications. Desktops, servers, and workstations should be connected to the wired infrastructure exclusively. There are several reasons for this approach.

  • Wireless bandwidth is very limited.
  • All wireless networks share the available capacity with many systems in the same way legacy shared-Ethernet hubs work.
  • Wireless capacity is limited. There are limited number of radio channels that can be used to provide more capacity in an area. This significantly limits the number of systems that can be served wirelessly.
  • Wireless communications are not as reliable as wired. Since it is based on radio reception, wireless communications can be upset by a wide variety of external causes, such as interference from rogue wireless stations, microwave ovens, portable phones, baby monitors, Bluetooth devices, and natural phenomena.