DID number process when employees leave Texas Tech University


Depending on the account type, after an employee's affiliation officially ends with Texas Tech, their enterprise voice (EV) service is disabled.

  • 4 days after TTU staff affiliation ends
  • 121 days after TTU faculty affiliation ends
  • 60 days after TTUS staff affiliation ends

This allows for employees to retain their DID number for a period of time should they stop working for one department and obtain employment with another.

It is not possible to leave a voicemail message for a removed DID number. Callers will hear the following greeting and are then disconnected:

Sorry. That person's mailbox is full. Please call back later.

Then, there are 21 additional days before a number is released into the available pool. DID numbers are automatically assigned by the eRaider Account Management System from this pool of available numbers. Individuals cannot choose their own number.