Definition of network site coordinator (NSC)


All TTUS and TTU departments should have at least one network site coordinator (NSC), and each department can have up to six total NSCs. An NSC is the department's official representative for managing its IT resources, such as servers, IP addresses, and DNS names. An NSC is not necessarily a technical support person, although they may be in some cases. Faculty and staff in each department or college may need to contact their NSC for certain types of requests that require an NSC's involvement.

NSCs have special access to certain forms and areas of the Telecommunications website, such as requesting a functional TechMail address or requesting a website name (i.e., NSCs also often manage Active Directory groups for their departments.

When NSCs have requests, including support related requests, they can contact IT Help Central just as other IT customers. Issues may be routed from IT Help Central to systems administrators through the TTU IT Division's service management application, if needed, just as for all customers.

For emergency situations, IT Help Central has procedures for contacting system administrators as needed.