Connecting to the eduroam Wi-Fi network


The information below will help you with connecting to eduroam Wi-Fi.

Visitors to Texas Tech University

You can connect to the eduroam wireless network at Texas Tech University by choosing the "eduroam" option in your device's wireless settings. When prompted for credentials, use your home campus username and password. Normally, your username will be your home campus email address (e.g., Specific instructions are below.

Texas Tech University users traveling

As a TTU user, when you are on a campus which provides access to eduroam Wi-Fi, you can connect to the network by choosing the "eduroam" option in your device's wireless settings. For your username, type your full email address (e.g., For the password, type your eRaider password.

NOTE: If you are trying to connect to eduroam at another institution, you may have to contact the IT department of that institution for connection setting specifics.

NOTE: Your eRaider password remains secure and is never sent to servers at the institution you are visiting.

Texas Tech University users on the TTU campus

TTU users may access eduroam from non-Texas Tech campuses where it is available. When on the TTU campus, TTU users should connect to the TTUnet Wi-Fi network instead of the eduroam network. Using the TTUnet network will give you full access to all of the services to which you are entitled, without firewall restrictions which are in place to protect our information resources from the rest of the Internet.

eduroam is a guest network for visitors that only supplies Internet access. For that reason, access to eduroam on all Texas Tech University campuses is blocked for TTU users, as they can and should authenticate to TTUnet when using wireless.