Computing ethics and user responsibilities at TTU


Each user shall be responsible for using Texas Tech's computer services ethically and courteously. Because computing systems equipment and software belong to Texas Tech, there is an obligation to ensure their ethical use, and Texas Tech maintains the right to monitor all academic accounts.

Most users act responsibly, but on those occasions when a user acts unethically or irresponsibly, disciplinary measures shall be taken. The following list of ethical standards has been established for all users of Texas Tech's computing facilities. Courteous use applies at all times, for all users, and for all systems (including micro-computers).

  • Users may use only the computing resources they are authorized to use and only for the purposes specified when their accounts were issued or permission to use the resources was granted.
  • Account holders shall be responsible and will be held accountable for all usage of their accounts (including use by other persons). Take care to protect all passwords. Users shall not give or sell passwords to others.
  • Users shall not access or copy software or data belonging to others or to Texas Tech without prior authorization. Reading another user's files, except by authorized personnel in times of a security audit or investigation is an invasion of privacy; using another's program or data without the author's permission is plagiarism. Each of the above is prohibited and shall constitute a violation of Texas Tech policy.
  • Users shall not transport software or data provided by Texas Tech to another computer site without prior written authorization. To do so, constitutes theft.
  • Users shall follow the published procedures for using Texas Tech's computing resources and shall not modify any hardware or software provided by Texas Tech.
  • Users shall respect the rights of other users. A user shall not hamper or deprive another of access to resources or encroach on another's use of computing facilities. Users shall consider the impact of their conduct on other users.

NOTE: All Texas Tech computer systems are subject to periodic, unannounced security audits or investigations. A violation of any of these policies subjects the user to disciplinary procedures at Texas Tech and referral to the appropriate law enforcement or investigative agency outside Texas Tech.