Amount of time needed for eRaider password changes to replicate to other systems


When you change your eRaider password, the change must be replicated to the TTU domain and Microsoft Entra ID before you can sign in using the new password. Some time is needed for these various systems to update.


It may take up to 5 minutes for a password change in the eRaider Account Management System to copy over to the Active Directory domain and be replicated among the various domain controllers. After that, a maximum of 2 more minutes are needed for the password to be replicated to Microsoft Entra ID in the cloud. Therefore, the maximum time needed for an eRaider password change to be effective on all services is 7 minutes.

From a troubleshooting and support standpoint, an approximate time of 15 minutes is typically communicated as the maximum time for a password change to work on all TTU services. This gives a conservative time frame to accommodate for things like network traffic fluctuations and other operational factors.

example screenshot

NOTE: If your password was already expired when you changed it, it may take up to two hours to reestablish full access to Microsoft services.